post #2 More on promoting remyelination in multiple sclerosis

In my last post, I discussed a treatment for multiple sclerosis that promotes axon remyelenation that was in the first stages of clinical trials. A more recent article discusses multiple treatments that have some remyelnating properties that are currently furhter along in the clinical trial process, as well as others that are currently in the development phases (Kremer, et al 2018). While most of the treatments the article discusses were not intended to treat multiple sclerosis by promoting remyelination, they have found that some of these treatments that were meant to treat other things may be used to treat multiple sclerosis as well (Kremer, et al 2018). Possible remyelination in multiple sclerosis is an exciting and hopeful new treatment method because it could possibly reverse the damage from previous attacks or relapses and combat future bouts as they occur.

Kremer, D., Akkermann, R., Küry, P., Dutta, R. (2018). Current advancements in promoting remyelination in multiple sclerosis. Sage Journals. Retrieved from

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