Let’s Get Real about Working Out: Part II

February 24, 2011

Let’s Get Real #5: Meeting the guidelines for physical activity is possible! Here are some tips that can help you get moving:

  • Running or walking outside is a time-saver! You can lace up your shoes, be on the road within minutes, and be back at your house. This would subtract all the time it takes to walk to the gym and it wouldn’t cost you anything. With the weather getting nicer, you may consider this option more. If you need routes to run or walk, contact healthed@tufts.edu and we’ll get some to you!
  • Get active with a friend. This can hold you accountable to someone else and if you enjoy working out with a buddy, provides a more fun experience.
  • Make it a Priority. Ask yourself- do you want to be a healthy adult? It is always easy to say, “I’ll work out more after I graduate” or “There is always time for getting active.” My challenge to you is- what better time than the present? Your health in the future is affected by your actions today. Plus, you’ll see benefits NOW!
    • You may sleep better
    • You may be able to focus better focus on your academic work
    • You may get sick less times during the year
    • You may maintain a healthy weight

Let’s Get Real #6: You can find programs at Tufts that will work you out and keep your motivation.

  • The Personalized Performance Program offers students 5 FREE training sessions with a student trainer. That’s right- FREE. You can learn how to do strength training safely and find what works for you. You will also get used to the machines at the gym and this will help you feel more comfortable in the gym environment.
  • Physical Education offers two types of classes. They offer courses for academic credit and mini-courses that you pay for. For the mini-courses, you’ll get 10 classes in an activity for about $5 a class. You have to get to the gym, but once you’re there you have an instructor teaching you skills and you can do these classes with friends, making you more accountable.
  • TSR offers physical activity classes for a drop-in fee ($5/class) or you can buy a package. Again, you’ll learn skills and can have fun with friends!
  • Gym Comes to You! offers free physical activity classes in the dorm lounges. These will give you an idea of what activities/classes you can take at Tufts and help you become more comfortable with your skills.
  • Presidential Marathon Challenge offers group runs.
  • Log your physical activity minutes with Trek to Talloire and increase your accountability to yourself and friends!

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