Seated Row

November 9, 2011

The seated row is a machine you find in most gyms. It is a complement to the lateral pull-down, an exercise we showed you earlier this semester. It complements the lat pull-down because it works a similar primary muscle- the latissiumus dorsi – but using a different range of motion. The row also primarily works the biceps and rhomboids, while these muscles act as secondary muscles in the lat pull-down.

Walk into many gyms, and you’re apt to see someone doing the seated row wrong. A typical mistake is adding too much weight to the machine and pulling back with a force that does not allow for the back to stay straight. Marten, seen in this video below, will show you how to properly do the seated row. You can also read step-by-step directions at the ACE (American Council on Exercise) website, here.

Seated Row

Marten Vandervelde and Kate Sweeney

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