Restaurant Review: Life Alive

December 5, 2011

This restaurant with a casual ambience is in the heart of Central Square is very easy to get to from Davis Square (Central Square Red Line T stop). Its affordable prices and favorably tasty vegetarian food options are worth experiencing. All meals have quirky names and are made with fresh organic produce delivered daily. Original options vary from smoothies to salads to warm meals.  Their affordable and nutritious meal prices range from $8-10. Even if you are a meat lover you will surely find a refreshing vegetarian dish you like at Life Alive.

Make sure you try their different sauces, especially if you order a wrap. If you are not a big fan of wraps order a bowl instead. If you enjoy more of a smoky flavor try the Adventurer or the Alchemist.  If you are craving noodles try the Fool bowl with sesame ginger marinade that is worth trying.  If you want to add a bit more flavor to your food you can add avocado. After your meal you may want to buy a freshly squeezed juice, i.e. the Thrive Alive juice (carrots, apples, and ginger), which is high in vitamins, aids digestion and is very refreshing!

Life Alive
765 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA

By: Johanna Andrews

Editor: Elisha Sum

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