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January 26, 2012

Are you interested in affordable, fresh picked local produce delivered to you on campus?

You are in luck! Tufts is hosting a pilot CSA during the Spring semester.

General interest meeting on Monday, January 30th at 9pm in Eaton 209!

What’s a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. This means that you buy a share
in a farm at the beginning of a season (in our case, the beginning of a semester) and
you get produce delivered to you here. Shareholders pick up weekly distributions of
fresh vegetables and fruit in a convenient place on the campus.

Who’s the farm?
We’ve chosen to work with Enterprise Farm in Hadley for a variety of reasons.
They are a local farm with experience and have delivered to other academic
organizations. They are willing to work with us during the school year, beyond the
New England growing season because they partner with other organic farms along
the Atlantic seaboard when New England fields are asleep. They are flexible and
willing to work with our academic schedule. You can visit their web site at:

How much does it cost and how much do I get?
You will be signing up for the entire spring semester. When you look at these numbers, think about your weekly grocery bill and what you won’t have to buy at the store. For more information on how much food this is, visit:
and see what the average share looks like here:

Spring Share: (through April 30th)
This features some Enterprise winter produce as well as aggregated produce from
local as well as small organic sister farms up and down the East Coast.
Small (1-2 people): $288 total
Medium (2-3 people): $372 total
Large (4-5 people): $504 total

How do I take advantage of this incredible opportunity?
If you are ready to sign up now, fill out this spreadsheet and you will be contacted with further information about payment and registration. This form is only for people who are committed to purchasing a share. The deadline to sign up is Friday, February 3rd.
Sign up here:

If you have any questions please feel free to email:

Thanks all!

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