Girl Power

February 26, 2015

Earlier this semester BYL had its most popular event yet: Girls Night at the Gym. The annual event aims to foster a welcoming environment for women at the fitness center, at which the strength stations are often male-dominated. For one night, we shut down the gym and have a “private party” during which professional┬átrainers teach proper form for free weights, squats, abs, and other exercises. We also had stations like 10 minute spinning, high intensity intervals between squats and a treadmill, yoga, and pilates. We finished up the workout with chocolate milks and almondmilks, as well as sweaty high-fives.

Want to do one of our trainer-approved workouts on your own?Here are two options.

Try out this HIIT (high intensity interval training) treadmill workout. Do it once, or repeat it up to 6 times!


Interval Time Level (% effort) Incline Task Total Time of Workout (min)
1 min 55-60 1.5-2.0 Warm-up 1:00
30 s 70 2.0 Increase speed and incline 1:30
30 s 70-75 2.0 Conclude warmup 2:00
30 s 90 2.0 Sprint 2:30
30 s 70-75 2.0 Recover 3:00
30 s 90 2.5-3.0 Sprint and increase incline 4:30
30 s 90 1.5-2.0 Sprint and decrease incline 4:00
1 min 65-70 1.5 Recover 5:00


Learn proper form for 2 popular ab moves that train your core (easily done inside a dorm room :))

  1. Planks (1 min)
    • Start in a flat back, table top position. Push into a plank, making sure shoulders are directly over wrists, legs are strong and feet are hip distance apart. Keep your butt from popping up. Pull your belly towards your lower back. This is a total body movement – hold for 1 minute!!
    • Modification: plank on your knees or on your elbows
  2. Lower leg lifts (x20)
    • Lie on your back. With hands behind the nape of your neck (and hands palm over palm), lift your head, neck and shoulders up. Feel as if you’re lengthening out of your body, not just crunching up. Then, lift both legs towards the ceiling, keeping them together, long, and engaged. Bring your legs up, keep them as straight as possible, until your feet are as high as they can go. Actively bring your legs back down (slowly and controlled) so that your lower back does not pop up. That’s 1 rep – bring legs back up for 19 more.
    • Modification: Put your hands by your sides; keep your head neck and shoulders down; or put your hands under your tailbone


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