Ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes at Dewick?

If you’ve ever been curious about how the dining hall operates, menu planning at Tufts Dining, and where our school’s food comes from, here’s your chance! On Monday, Oct 21, noon-1pm, the Tufts Dining nutritionist Julie Lampie will be conducting a behind-the-scenes tour of Dewick, followed by lunch and a Q&A session. Come learn about the many factors that go into planning our dining hall meals.

This event is RSVP only! To sign up, please email wen.zhuang@tufts.edu and indicate whether you will need a meal card for lunch.

We look forward to seeing you there!

October 10th, 2013

Desk Organization

During last week’s meeting, BYL members discussed about an article that points out the correlation between having a clean desk and living a healthy lifestyle. In the first paragraph, author Reynolds said scientists “have found that people blessed with innate conscientiousness, meaning that they are organized and predictable, typically eat better and live longer than people who are disorderly.” Based on this finding, now scientist is examining “whether neat environments can produce good habits even in those who aren’t necessarily innately conscientious.” The result was that people put in neat environments did act more self-consciously and ate healthily. On the other hand, disorderly environments seem to inspire “breaking free of tradition” and motivate imagination and innovation. BYL members found this news inconclusive and these researches cannot prove the causation (A leads to B) but only the correlation (A and B has a reciprocal relationship). However, we do feel that a clean environment gives us a good base to act responsibly.


What a Messy Desk Says About You

October 8th, 2013

Cooking Class: Kitchen Basics

images This past Thursday we held our first cooking class of the semester. This class focused on kitchen basics, highlighting the basic equipment needed in any kitchen to create a variety of quick, healthy meals.

Knife – a good knife should feel comfortable or well-balanced in your hand. If you plan on cooking often, purchasing a quality 6-10” chef’s knife is suitable for slicing meats or cutting fruits and vegetables.

Cutting board – having a cutting board is important for any prep work that needs to be done in the kitchen. The right cutting board will protect the blades of your knives, prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, and simplify cleanup. There are many options, ranging from plastic and wood or glass. Features to consider: look for a board with two usable sides, nonslip edges that will keep the board securely in place during prep, and a groove that will catch liquids and prevent spills. Also, flexible boards making transferring items easier, handles allow for easy lifting and carrying, and color-coding helps prevent cross-contamination of ingredients.

Skillet with lid – a large skillet gives you the flexibility of cooking practically anything. You can poach fish, make sauces, stir fry vegetables, sear meats, cook pastas, and many more with just a single piece of equipment.

Spatula – a spatula can be used for mixing and blending ingredients and for scraping food from the sides of a bowl. Look for one that is made of heat-resistant materials so it won’t melt or burn your hand.

And that’s all you really need! For this class we made  Quinoa Vegetable Stir-Fry and Microwave-Baked Apples. Click to check out the recipes     Class handout

October 8th, 2013


Ever wondered what superfoods are? Looking to boost your diet a little more. Check out this article on some of the best foods to eat!




October 3rd, 2013

BYL’s 5-A-Day Challenge!

Image from http://raworganicfooddiet.wordpress.com/


It’s no secret that fruits and vegetables are good for you, but it can be hard to get the recommended five servings per day. During Tuft’s Healthy Week (Apr 1-5), BYL challenges you to eat five servings of fruits and veggies each day. Post up photos of two or more servings of veggies that you had at a meal, a description of what you ate, and enter in daily raffles to win cool prizes!


The Challenge:

Take a photo 2+ servings of fruits or vegetables that you ate at a meal that day and write a quick description of what they are. Post this on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/balanceyourlife.tufts?fref=ts) or Instagram (#Tufts5aday) to enter into our daily prize draw!


The Reward:

In the short run: At the end of each day we will randomly pick one of the entrees and, if you are lucky, you will receive a nifty prize! We will send you an email if you won.


In the long run: Fruits and vegetables provide numerous vitamins and minerals. Hopefully at the end of this challenge you will feel energized and motivated to maintain lasting healthy habits!

March 26th, 2013

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