We are thrilled to have received the 2016 Jumbo Award at the Tufts Student Organization Award Ceremony this evening! This award is given to an organization that embodies Tufts history, traditions and mission. We extend our thanks to everyone who has helped make this team the amazing organization is it today. Go Tufts Ballroom!


We are excited to announce our 2016-2015 Executive Board.


Zach Finn

Christopher Keyes


Daniel Spencer

Social Chair/ Webmaster/ Historian

Joan Kim

Competition Coordinators

Jamie Fonarev

Lexi Galantino

Show Director

Megan Souza

Tufts Ballroom Alumni Rob Cole recently started a blog called Ballroom for Beginners. It is a great way to get information about collegiate ballroom, especially for those looking for a crash course! The link has been added to the resources page so it is always available to read. We highly recommend you check it out!

We are so excited to be starting the spring semester although it doesn’t quite feel like spring yet! Congratulations to those couples who competed at the 17th Annual Crusader Classic at the College of the Holy Cross and good luck to everyone this coming weekend at the 14th Annual Terrier Dancesport Competition at Boston University.

Congratulations to everyone who competed at Columbia University last weekend. We hope everyone has a nice relaxing break and a happy new year! We’ll see you in 2016!

We hope everyone had a great time at Tufts Comp this year! We want to thank everyone who came and helped make it a successful competition! We are especially grateful to our judges, scrutineer, announcer and DJ. We can’t wait to do it all again one year from now, and we hope to see you there!!!


Thanks to everyone at Brown for a fun Halloween weekend competition. We especially enjoyed the newcomer team match!

We had a great time at the Harvard Beginners Comp last week and are looking forward to a successful fall competition season. Look for us at Brown Comp in a couple weeks!



We has so much fun at our GIMs this past week on Tisch roof! We hope everyone is having fun with their new rumba and hustle skills and are looking forward to our first newcomer lesson on Monday 9/21 at 9:00 PM in the Hill Hall aerobics room!

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