We are excited to invite you to Tufts Competition 2022!





May 1st, 2022



Joyce Cummings Center

177 College Ave, Medford, MA 02155

(Easily accessible by MBTA bus system, limited parking nearby)


Registration Dates for 2022

Registration link: https://register.o2cm.com/?event=tub

Early registration will open on Monday, March 28th. Early registration will cost $40 if paid with cash or check.

Regular registration will begin on Wednesday, April 13th. Regular registration will cost $45, if paid with cash or check.

Late registration will begin on Monday, April 25th. Late registration can only be paid for at the door, and will cost $55. Please note that late registration can only be done through email with tuftscomp@gmail.com; O2CM will close registration on Monday, April 25th.

Note: As in the past, registration fees only apply to syllabus events. That is, if you are a dancer competing only in open events, and no syllabus events, you do not need to pay a registration fee if you sign up during early or regular registration. Open level competitors registering during the late registration will pay a $20 registration fee.

TLDR; Early Registration: March 28th, Regular: April 13th, Late: April 25th


COVID-19 Policy

As of right now, all competitors need to be vaccinated, boosted, and masked. All officials and judges are required to wear masks as well. That being said, Tufts is in the process of reducing mask mandates in the coming weeks. Please consult our Facebook event for updates as we get closer to the competition. 

UPDATE: Masks are required for competitors during all parts of the day. 



Online payment will not be offered this year, please email us about invoice payment if you cannot bring a check or cash.

Cash and checks will be accepted on the day of the event, prior to entry. Please make checks out to Trustees of Tufts College, memo: Tufts Ballroom Competition. Please note that credit cards will not be accepted. 

For schools needing an invoice in order to pay for their whole team, please contact tuftscomp@gmail.com as soon as possible so that we may start working out the best way to do this for your individual situation. Please note that late fees may be applied to invoices that are not paid by May 8th, 2022. If applicable, the nature of this arrangement will be agreed upon before the competition occurs.



Sign up for TBA here: https://forms.gle/1vBnrRcumRrkhPLN6

Find a partner here: https://tinyurl.com/tuftsfindapartner



Doors will open to competitors at 7:00am.

Smooth: 8:00am

Standard: 10:45am

Rhythm: 2:00pm

Latin: 4:30pm














W/T, F

W/Q, T

C/R, Sw

C/R, J


W/T, F

W/Q, F/T

C/R, Sw, M

C/R, S, J












W/T/F, Vw

W/T/F/Q, Vw

C/R/Sw/B, M







*As of now, all styles will be split into pre-champ and open. Please stay tuned throughout registration, however, as this may change pending number of registrations for each style.


Rules and Eligibility

  • Couples may only dance at one level per style (no double registration).
    • Exception: Bronze leaders or followers may dance Newcomer if there are not enough partners in order to allow the Newcomers to dance
    • Exception: Registration across multiple open levels (ex. Pre-champ and champ) is allowed. 
    • Exception: Because of the lack of collegiate competitions and COVID, it is up to a team’s discretion whether their first-year competitors should dance newcomer or bronze dances. Double registration is acceptable.
  • If a couple is composed of two different dancers of different skill, the couple must dance at the higher level of competition. For example, a Bronze Leader competing with a Silver Follower must compete at the Silver level.
  • Competitors may dance in two different levels in different styles, spanning only one level if bronze or below. For example, a couple may compete in Bronze Rhythm and Silver Latin, but not Bronze Rhythm
  • Competitors may dance different levels in different styles (e.g. Silver Standard and Gold Latin), as long as only two consecutive levels are danced across all styles
  • If a dance is not offered at a couple’s level of competition, the couple may dance that particular dance at the next level it is offered. For example, a Bronze couple wishing to dance Samba could dance Silver Samba. We highly encourage this, and have unlinked all silver dances not offered at a bronze level.
  • A person entered as a Leader may enter as a Follower in a different style either at the same level or at an adjacent level. For example, a dancer may compete as a Leader in Bronze Smooth and as a Follower in Newcomer or Bronze Standard. The same applies for Followers wishing to lead as well.


We unfortunately cannot offer housing this year due to limited space and COVID-19 comfort. 



If you have any questions about the event, please contact tuftscomp@gmail.com.

Thank you,

Nora Matthews and Mary-Joy Sidhom

Tufts Competition Coordinators 2022