Rules and Eligibility

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– Couples may only dance at one level per style.
– If a couple is composed of two dancers of different skill levels, the couple must dance at the higher level of competition. For example, a Bronze Leader and a Silver Follower must compete at Silver.
– Competitors may dance in two different levels in different styles, spanning only one level. For example, a couple may compete Bronze Rhythm and Silver Latin, but not Bronze Rhythm and Gold Latin.
– If a dance is not offered at a couple’s level of competition, the couple may dance that particular dance at the next highest level it is offered. For example, a Bronze couple wishing to dance Samba could dance the linked Samba/ Jive at Silver. In this example, the couple would not be permitted to dance Jive at the Bronze level.
– A person entered as a Leader may enter as a Follower in a different style either at the same level or at an adjacent level. For  example, a dancer may compete as a Leader in Bronze Smooth and as a Follower in Newcomer or Bronze Standard. The same applies for Followers wishing to lead as well.
–Costumes are permitted at all levels, including Newcomer.

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