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Evidence Based Resource Guide

Librarian Role:

The role of the librarian is not only to be a mentor on your team but also to be a resource in helping you understand and complete quality evidence-based dentistry (EBD) searches.

You can schedule an appointment online by clicking on your librarians name and then “Schedule an Appointment”. Find team librarian. Please feel free to reach out to them at any time:

Babar: Becky Morin

Botat: Becky Morin

Bump: Becky Morin

Dumbo: Jane Natches

Ellie: Amy Lapidow

Elmer: Amanda Nevius

Hathi: Christina Heinrich

Horton: Christina Heinrich

Jumbo: Christina Heinrich

Kala: Christina Heinrich

Lucy: Judy Rabinowitz

Lumpy: Judy Rabinowitz

Manny: Judy Rabinowitz

Mud: Amy Lapidow

Mumfie: Amy Lapidow

Nelly: Amy Lapidow

Peaches: Amy LaVertu

Raj: Amy LaVertu

Rosie: Amy LaVertu

Snoots: Amy LaVertu

Snorky: Amanda Nevius

Snuffy: Amanda Nevius

Tantor: Amanda Nevius

Vera: Amanda Nevius