Program Details

Goal. The Tufts University Beckman Scholars Program provides a research-intensive experience for undergraduates with a clear commitment to a career in scientific research.

Funding.  The Tufts University Beckman Scholars Program provides stipends for two summers of full-time research ($6,000 per summer) and one academic year of part-time research ($4,000 for the academic year).  Funds for research supplies and travel are also provided (up to $850 per summer and up to $1,600 per academic year).

Mentorship.  Students selected for the program will participate in a unique and immersive research-based experience.  This includes:

  • Independent research on a project with the goal of a first-author publication by the end of the project period
  • Frequent one-on-one meetings with the Beckman Mentor to discuss research progress
  • A monthly colloquium for Beckman Scholars to present and discuss their results with other Scholars and members of the Mentor group, and to participate in professional development seminars and workshops
  • Written and oral progress reports with critiques in order to mature the Scholars’ communications skills
  • Participation in the national Beckman Scholars Annual Research Symposium

Eligibility.  Students who are in their second or third years are eligible to apply for the program.  While academic achievement is not the predominant factor in the selection process, applicants must possess a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher at the time of application.  Students must be sponsored by a member of the Tufts Beckman Scholars Mentor Group and must coordinate their application in advance with the Mentor.

Application process.  Complete applications consist of the following:

  • The four-page Tufts University Beckman Scholars Application (cover page, signed program requirements sheet, project narrative, and personal statement).
  • A printout/PDF of college transcript(s).
  • Two letters of recommendation (neither may be written by the Beckman Mentor and at least one of these letters must be written by an individual outside the Tufts Beckman Scholars Mentor Group).
  • A letter of collaboration written jointly by the student and Mentor and signed by both.

Application materials must be sent to by the first week of March (currently, the application process is closed).  From these applicants, up to five individuals will be selected for interviews with members of the Beckman Mentor Group.  Interviews will be conducted within three weeks of the application deadline and the newly selected Tufts Beckman Scholars will be announced in the first week of April.  See  How to Apply  for more details.

Selection criteria.  Tufts University Beckman Scholars will be selected on the basis of their potential as a future leader in scientific research.  While Scholars will be expected to maintain a high level of academic performance, factors such as maturity, motivation, preparedness to tackle their proposed project, clear and charismatic communication style, and dedication to scientific research will be primary in the selection process.