Bennett Research Lab

Many natural products possess carbohydrate chains which are essential for their biological activity.  Introducing new sugars, or altering the composition of existing carbohydrates on small molecule therapeutics through a process called glycorandomization can often improve their biological activity.    While this approach has the potential to open up new avenues of drug discovery, its application has been limited by the difficulty associated with carbohydrate synthesis.  This is especially true of deoxy-sugars found in many biologically active small molecules.  Research in the Bennett lab is focused on developing new technologies for the rapid and facile production of deoxy-sugar containing complex carbohydrates, natural product glycoconjugates for drug development, and pathogen associated oligosaccharide synthesis.

Selected projects include:

  • Creating novel, stereoselective, and operationally simple glycosylation reactions in which selectivity is controlled solely by the glycosylation promoter.
  • Developing new approaches to parallel solid-phase oligosaccharide synthesis.
  • Developing approaches to the synthesis of pathogen associated oligosaccharides for vaccine development.

    Back Row: Sam Touchette, John Paul Issa, Andrei Minciunescu, Dina Llyod, Jordan Sisel, Clay Bennett

Front Row: Son Nguyen, Emily Steliotes, Jason Nogueira, An-Hsiang Adam Chu