Our client’s “point of view”

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Blue received wonderful, compassionate care.  He was very ill when he arrived at the hospital, yet was able to come home feeling much better 4 days later. He had an unusual array of symptoms and the staff patiently explained diagnostic procedures and choices along the way. Dr. Rentko helped ensure that everything went smoothly and even visited Blue while he was an inpatient. Dr. Sharp called to update me regularly and was always very clear, kind, and professional. Although it was scary having a sick family member, I was grateful for the care and compassion Blue received from everyone at Tufts. Thank you.

Katie Dolan, Rhode Island

ER was great when we brought our dog in late on a Friday. I was very upset and anxious and the staff was terrific in helping me calm down and explaining what they were going to do to stop his seizures. All doctors/students we spoke with were fabulous, they were great with William and we were very grateful to receive such outstanding service. We will continue to bring him in for his blood work. Thank you!

Stephanie Monahan, Auburn, MA

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