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I’ve brought my dogs (both my own and some fosters) to Tufts over many years, in general, everyone is courteous, empathetic, and helpful. This particular visit was one with my birds in my parrot rescue, as was a visit with another rescue bird shortly after she came to Tufts, and both times Dr. Graham was caring, attentive, gentle with the birds, and informative. Dr. Graham is a great addition  to Tufts!

Kathleen Lenehan, Agawam, Mass.

I was very pleased with the services I got for my sick rabbit, Hank at Tufts. Generally emergency room vets do not have experience with rabbits. However, with the help of Dr. Graham (exotics) , Dr. Edelstein was very professional and caring about my rabbit and I felt very comfortable with her handling this case. I appreciated both doctor’s concerns over not only my rabbit but me as well. I received so much better service at Tufts than I have at other Emergency centers and know where to go now should any of my rabbits need emergency services.

Diane Clancy, Medway, Mass

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