October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month

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dog safety

Follow these simple steps to keep your beloved companion animal healthy and safe.  You will undoubtedly be rewarded by unconditional love and affection!

  • Flea and tick prevention: There are many options available including: monthly spot-on-treatments prescribed from your veterinarian, flea and tick collars for dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors, and flea shampoos and powders only if recommended by your veterinarian
  • Heartworm prevention: Giving tablets recommended by your veterinarian are the best choice
  • Pet proof your home: Take care to remove all poisonous plants & food from your animals reach, remove anti-freeze and cleaners that your pet could get into
  • Make sure your pets are up to date on shots and routine wellness visits
  • Consider safety restraints in your car for your pet
  • Spay/Neuter your companion animal
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