Keep Your Pet Warm During Cold Winter Days

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iStock_000015580296Small-dog sweater cropPets get cold too! When the temperature drops, the best place to keep your pet is indoors to make sure he is kept warm. Wind chills can actually put your pet at risk if left outside. Pets can be sensitive to the brutal cold. In fact, pets like humans, may develop frostbite or hypothermia during extreme temperatures, it’s best to carefully limit outside activity for our family pets during extreme bouts of cold and bitter wind chills.

If your pet is exposed to winter elements for longer periods of time, its best to make sure he has adequate shelter to help protect him from the cold and bitter wind. Outfitting your pet in a warm coat is also an option to keep him safe and comfortable.

Also, cats and wildlife may try to keep warm by crawling under the hood of your automobile, so it’s always a good idea to knock on the hood before starting the engine of your engine of your car. Antifreeze can be poisonous to companion animals and should be stored outside of your pets reach.

Antifreeze has a sweet taste to both children and pets, so be sure to wipe up any spills immediately to avoid a dangerous situation. When buying antifreeze however, the safest form are non-toxic brands which contain propylene glycol (non-toxic) rather than ethylene glycol.

images-catwinterLastly, when temperatures plummet be sure to diligently dry your wet pet thoroughly when returning indoors. Wet or damp skin or fur can cause your pet to remain cold longer. Also, wet paw can become chapped, raw and crack causing tiny painful cuts on the animal’s feet.

During the cold, the safest place for your pet is indoors with you. Help keep your pet warm and safe during these bitter cold months!

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