April 2013 Issue

Medical Director Virginia RentkoA Message from the Medical Director

Virginia Rentko, VMD, DACVIM

Welcome to our first client newsletter.

apr2013-hermioneSurviving Burns: Hermione’s Incredible Story

Hermione arrived in the Tufts veterinary emergency room on Thanksgiving evening after having been in a house fire that had destroyed her home

apr2013-guinea-pigA Very Thirsty Guinea Pig

Jennifer Graham, head of the Cummings School’s zoological companion animal medicine department, responds to a reader’s question about her parched guinea pig

apr2013-poisonousplantsProtecting your Cat from Poisonous Plants

Although lilies are beautiful flowers, many people don’t know how dangerous they can be to a cat.

apr2013-ortho-spotlightSpotlight: Orthopedic Surgery

At Tufts our Orthopedic specialists see many challenging and complex cases

apr2013-titaniumboneThe Dog with the Titanium Bone

Tyson could win an award for stoicism. Osteosarcoma, a common bone cancer so painful that medication doesn’t provide much relief

apr2013-pillsHaving Trouble Giving Pills to Your Pet?

Watch this series of videos for tips and tricks