January 2014 Issue

Dog in SweaterKeep Your Pet Warm During Cold Winter Days

Arctic air can be harmful to everyone, including pets! Be sure your pet is safe from the cold this winter to avoid frostbite and even hypothermia. Pet safety is a priority and making sure your pet is safe and warm during the bitter cold is essential. The best place for a cold pet is indoors with you.

Senior PetsAsk the Vet

My dog is getting older and seems to be low on energy. Could something else be making him tired or is it really his old age weighing him down? Is there anything I can do to help my aging dog, whose energy is flagging?

Owners also occasionally assume that weight loss or decreased appetite is caused by aging, when these too can indicate a health problem. Because many of the diseases we encounter in aging animals are quite treatable, it’s important that older pets see a veterinarian twice a year to detect diseases or ailments early.

E-CollarE-Collar Training at Your Fingertips

Dog training collars are used to prevent licking or scratching of wounds or incisions. The collars are great in preventing self-trauma, especially for frequent hot spots, tail injuries or paw injuries.

Learn all about E-collar usage in our video series:

  1. E-Collar Types
  2. Constructing an E-Collar
  3. Placing an E-Collar

ExoticsUpdate on Massachusetts Law Regarding Exotic Animals

Wondering if your exotic pet is legal in Massachusetts without a permit? Look no further for changes in the law with exotic animals.

Sugar gliders and chameleons are now LEGAL in Massachusetts without a permit. Red eared sliders (water turtle commonly kept as a pet) are now considered ILLEGAL and require a permit to keep as pets.

Walking the dogJanuary is National Walk Your Dog Month

Pets need exercise too! Not only are walks fun and good for your pet, it can also provide more social time for him as he comes across other pets walking.

Here are some benefits of walking your pet:

  • Dogs can get their energy out while on a walk.
  • Dogs like to explore and what better way to explore than to be outdoors.
  • Dogs can be social on their walks as they “meet” other dogs and people.
  • Walking improves sleep.

Exercise can improve your pet’s mood and can help prevent obesity!

BootsBoots’ Miraculous Story of Cheating Death Not Once but Twice!

Boots, a 16-year-old cat, has cheated death twice. Nine lives? Maybe. But perhaps this cat’s resiliency has more to do with a strong family bond and the depth of love from his owners.

Ophthalmology SpecialtySpecialty Spotlight: Ophthalmology Service

From routine eye exams to corneal grafting, laceration repair, and cataract removal, the Ophthalmology service at Tufts Foster Hospital for Small Animals is available to see patients 24/7. Overseen by two board-certified veterinarians, the service provides expert medical and surgical advice for eye diseases and injuries in small animals, exotic pets, and large animals while treating the animal as a whole.