Previous cluster: Random groups

In Summer 2014, a research cluster on Random Groups was run in the same style with four faculty, five graduate students, and three undergrads.  Visitors included Alden Walker, Matt Kahle, Neha Gupta, John Mackay, and Rémi Coulon.

Resulting publications:

A sharper threshold for random groups at density one-half
Moon DuchinKasia Jankiewicz, Shelby Kilmer, Samuel Lelièvre, John Mackay, and Ayla Sánchez
Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics 10, No. 3 (2016), 985-1005.

Random nilpotent groups I
Matt CordesMoon DuchinYen Duong, Turbo Ho, and Ayla Sánchez
Int. Math. Research Notices, to appear.

A matrix model for random nilpotent groups
Kelly Delp, Tullia Dymarz, and Anschel Schaffer-Cohen
Int. Math. Research Notices, in revisions.

The proportion of free subgroups in a random group
Rémi Coulon, Kasia Jankiewicz, and Izaak Meckler

Random groups art by Leeza Meksin