Joelle Bosia | Biomedical Engineering 2020

Hi Everyone! On campus, I have worked in various labs in the department covering cellular agriculture, bioprinting, and upscale and automation of biomaterial processing. When I am not in the classroom, I am either active in TMC or watching too many movies. During the Spring 2019 semester, I co-taught a class on Biomechatronics through the Experimental College.

JJ Batt | Biomedical Engineering 2021

Hey BME People! My name is JJ and I am one of the co-presidents of Tufts BME society. Outside of the classroom, I work in the iBIT Lab, a lab focused on cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, and I am a member of the Tufts Swimming and Diving Team. I love to ski, go to the beach, and watch Netflix.


Lydia Vignale | Biomedical Engineering 2020

Aonkon Dey | Biomedical Engineering 2022


Samee Mushtak | Biomedical Engineering and Math 2020

I am a senior BME and math major. Some of the research I’ve done in the 
BME department has involved biomedical signal processing and automation. 
In the math department, I’ve enjoyed participating in competitions for pure and applied mathematics. Aside from academics, I am also a member of the Tufts Labor Coalition.

Career Development

Nathan Sandler | Chemical Engineering 2020

Miles Arnett | Biomedical Engineering 2022

Research Chair

Ryan Donaldson | Biomedical Engineering 2020

Social Chair

Kimberly Bockley | Biomedical Engineering 2021

Community Outreach Chair

Allison Kumarasensa | Biomedical Engineering 2020

Hi! I’m a rising senior with an interest in biomaterials and medical device design. At Tufts, most of my research experience has been in different projects involving 3D printing hydrogels, microfluidics, and molding Eustachian tube implants in the Silk Lab. I have been a part of the Biomechanics club (had to take a semester off), and look forward to rejoining! In my free time, I try to play as much non-competitive tennis as much as I can.


AJ Peck | Biomedical Engineering 2021

Class Representatives

Sidney Tanioka | Biomedical Engineering 2020

Joel Lima | Biomedical Engineering 2021

Hello! On-campus I’m an ARC tutor for biology, calculus, and physics. I am also an intern at the School of Engineering’s Office of Communications and Marketing year-round and spend my summers in a lab on campus. Academics aside, I’m usually playing board games, writing stories, or spending too much time on YouTube.