Tufts University Chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society

General Members

Starting in the Fall of 2015, there are some simple requirements to be considered a general member of the Tufts chapter of BMES. You must attend 3 out of 4 general club meetings over the year, which will be held twice per semester. The meetings will be an opportunity for providing feedback about the club and socializing with other members. A student can substitute meeting attendance by volunteering at a club outreach event, such as Community Day, Kid’s Day, or high school outreach. Please email bmestufts@gmail.com if you are ever not able to make a general meeting!

General BMES Members 2015-2016:
Z. Loewenstein, P. Blumeris, R. Gifford, M. Gannon, E. Cusack, J. Baskaran, H. Voelker, N. Atkeson, T. DePalma, I. Lasko, S. Link, A. Rayfield, S. Lin, A. Ong, E. Billings, R. Bretherton, C. Driscoll, S. Wadhwa, N. Skillin, L. Hanley, D. Bernstein, A. Brack, Y. Ito, A. Sanayei, A. Naidu, J. Foisy, Y. Gong, H. McSherry, T. Kulcsar, M. Tse, R. Abramson

If you believe that you should be on this list, please email bmestufts@gmail.com