Saturday, 30 of August of 2014

Reverse Trick-Or-Treat!

Tufts BMES took Sci-tech by surprise on Halloween this year by reverse-trick-or-treating–that’s when people go around giving out candy instead of going around asking others for it. We were able to spread joy and Halloween spirit through some candies and chocolates. It was our way of saying thank you for all of your support for BMES events. Needless to say, it was a very “sweet” experience :) Thanks always, Tufts!!


BMES Costume Contest

We have our winners from this Halloween’s costume contest! Congrats to Amy Thurber, the Lab Hero, for winning best individual contest and being prepared to take on any laboratory situation! Also, based on percentage of participants, the winning lab was Kaplan’s! You will receive your trophy later this week. Thanks to everyone who participated and hope everyone had a great Halloween!



This Thursday at 10/31/13 between the hours of 10-11 am and 2-4 pm, venture to the BME Main Office in your Halloween costume to get your picture taken and enter in the costume contest!!

A trophy will be awarded for the best lab, and a “beaker” coffee mug will be awarded for the best individual costume.

Here’s last year’s winner, Yuji Takeda:

2012-10-31 12.18.41

Be on the lookout for BMES at sci-tech; some candy might be in store for you :) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


Letter from Anthony Monaco!

We got a letter in the mail! President Monaco decided to write us a thank you letter for community day. BMES is so glad to hear that Community Day was such a success, and we are looking forward to contributing to such an amazing event for years to come!

IMG_20131024_163744_370 e



On October 11, 2013, the Biomedical Engineering Society held its annual barbecue. Professor, faculty, grad students, and undergrads attended to bond over good food and an intense undergraduates vs. faculty soccer game.

A spring barbecue should follow, so stay posted!!


Community Day 2013

On 9/29/13, Tufts BMES participated in Community Day. BMES worked with kids to make Oobleck, a non-newtonian fluid that has the characteristics of a fluid and a solid. Kids got to make this slime-like substance, and take it home with them. We hope we were able to share our love of science with the kids and thousands of people who attended the event!

Making Oobleck

Making Oobleck

Making Oobleck

Making Oobleck

Making Oobleck

Making Oobleck

Making Oobleck

Making Oobleck

Resume Workshop 2013

On September 24, 2013, Professor Sam Liggero from the Gordon Institute of Engineering Management lead a resume workshop specifically tailored toward students with engineering and science backgrounds.

Students learned how to promote their strengths and sell themselves in both the written (resume) and verbal (career fair) format. They also discussed how to conduct pre-Fair company research, and talk about some companies that will be at the Fair.

We will be holding these periodically for students to prepare for career fairs and internship searches, so make sure to be on the look out!

General Interest Meeting 2013

The BMES GIM was a success! Lots of delicious liquid nitrogen ice cream was consumed. Make sure to stay posted on events if you missed this one!


Costume Contest

Congratulations to Yuji Takeda and the Xu Lab for winning the Best Costume and Spookiest Lab trophies!














Find all of the costume submissions below

Community Day 2012

Residents, neighbors, and friends are invited to celebrate the tenth annual Community Day at Tufts. The event will be from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the academic quad. BMES will have a booth and need volunteers.

From experience, Tufts Community Day mostly attracts local children, so our activity will be targeted towards them. This year we will be crafting silk cocoon figures, shown below..

We don’t expect anyone to stay the entire day but it would be great if people could volunteer for an hour or so. You can sign up with your name and phone number at this link:

[2012 Tufts Community Day - BMES Booth<>]