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Our department is much smaller than some of the other departments at our school– and smaller again than the BME departments at other schools, like BU. As such, we want to help people get to know each other a little better. We hope to use barbecues, frisbee games, and the like to help break the ice between (and within) lab groups. Also, we hope to help freshmen and sophomores in the department meet upperclassmen and graduate students to serve as mentors and resources as they move through the program.

BMES BBQ Fall 2014

Food, student faculty soccer, and great company!

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BMES BBQ Spring 2014

We attempted to play volleyball. But stuck to soccer and food. Great mingling between BME students/faculty!

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BMES BBQ Fall 2013

On October 11, 2013, the Biomedical Engineering Society held its annual barbecue. Professor, faculty, grad students, and undergrads attended to bond over good food and an intense undergraduates vs. faculty soccer game.

A spring barbecue should follow, so stay posted!!


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