Bray offers different resources which can be used to support course projects. Please contact Marya Schnedeker if you would like to use Bray’s facilities or are interested in learning more:

(617) 627-3142
Bray 205

The discussion will include:

  • What are your learning goals? What type of project(s) do you envision?
  • What space and/or equipment would you need?
  • How will students obtain materials?
  • What are your storage needs?
  • When do you expect your students to use Bray? For example, what are the project due dates or lab schedule?

Marya will work with you to determine equipment needs and/or student support.


Sophomores are currently untrained. We will update their training status as the new curriculum is developed.

Junior mechanical engineering students are trained on the following:

Senior mechanical engineering students are trained on the following:

Wire Racks

Bray Lab supplies wire racks throughout the building for project storage. Projects must be labeled with a name and project deadline date. All projects must be removed by the last day of classes.

Number of Racks: 2

Size of Racks: 4 ft (Width) x 18 in (Depth) x 6 ft (Height)


Bins for organizing projects can be found either on the wire racks or in the Supply Closet (room 201).

Number of Bins: 24

Size of Bins: 11 in (width) x 18 in (depth) x 10 in (Height)

The Machine Shop and Design Lab contain zip lock bags for storing small parts.


Lockers are located in the back of the Project Build Space.

Number of lockers: 6

Size of each locker: 24 in (width) x 24 in (depth) x 18 in (height).

Access: lockers may be reserved for a semester. The form is below (you must login to view). Reservations can also be renewed by filling out the below form.

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