Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the study being done?

We are trying to learn more about how air pollution from traffic and highways affects people’s health.

Who is running the study?

The study is a collabrative effort between the following parties: Tufts University Schools of Medicine and Engineering, the Committee for Boston Public Housing, the Chinatown Progressive Association and the Chinatown Residents Association, and the Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership (STEP)

Who is paying for the study?

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences at the National Institute of Health is funding this study.

Where will the study take place?

This study will take place in Somerville, then in South Boston and Dorchester and, finally, in Chinatown, all communities with residential neighborhoods next to heavily trafficked highways.

Who will be in the study?

Participants in this study are over 40 years of age who live in one of the three study areas that we are targeting.

Can I volunteer for the study?

Not at this time. We have generated a random sample of addresses. Those addresses are then approached by the field team members. If the residents qualify, as in, if residents are 40 or older and live at the address, then that resident can voluntarily participate in the study.

How long is the study?

This study is a 5 year community based research study.

How will this study benefit the participant?

There is no direct personal benefit to individuals for participating. However, the combined answers of all participants may help us understand more about how pollution affects people’s health. We will report the findings of the study to the neighborhoods in which we work.

When will the study release results?

The study will begin to have partial and preliminary findings by late 2010.  Findings will continue to be reported from that time with complete final analysis of data likely to be ready in 2013 or 2014.