The CAFEH project team includes staff (oversight, management, field, clinic, research, graduate students and student interns), our steering committee and advisory board, and additional research collaborators.

Steering Committee

Doug Brugge, Co-chair (CAFEH Principal Investigator)

Doug Brugge is currently a Professor in the Department of Public Health and Family Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine. His research has largely employed the model of community-based participatory research and methodologically has involved focus groups, oral histories, surveys, environmental sampling and clinical assessment. He serves as the Principal Investigator for the original CAFEH study, Project 4 of the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study, and for the Kresge-funded work.

Ellin Reisner, Co-chair (Somerville EPSON scanner imageTransportation Equity Partnership)

Ellin Reisner is the President of the Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership (, an organization of community residents working to improve transportation and air quality for residents and workers in Somerville. Ellin worked at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) in a variety of training, workforce planning and community relations positions. She is a sociologist who consults and conducts research on Human Resources, transportation, organizational, and work and family issues.

Mae Bennett-Fripp (Committee for Boston Public Housing)

John Durant (Tufts Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Lydia Lowe (Chinatown Progressive Association)

Kevin Lane (PhD Candidate, BU School of Public

Kevin received his BS in Biology and Political Science from SAB15
aint Michael’s College in 2002; his MA in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning from Tufts University; and is completing his Doctoral Studies in Environmental Health at the Boston University School of Public Health. Kevin has worked in the GIS field for a decade in the academic, non-profit and government sectors and now is an adjunct GIS professor at the Boston University Metropolitan College in the department of City Planning.  Kevin’s role as the GIS and exposure assessment researcher on CAFEH has been recognized by the EPA awarding him with a 3 year STAR research fellowship to study this disease pollutant relationship.

Fengqing (Tina) Wang (CAFEH Field Staff)

Tina has been working on the Community Assessment of Freeway Exposure and Health Study (CAFEH) since 2010. As a field staff member, she knocked on about 400 doors and completed 250 home visits; overall, she presented health information to 400 families in these communities. She feels the community was very supportive of this study and enthusiastic about participating.

Wig Zamore (Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership)

Wig Zamore is a 1986 graduate of MIT’s DUSP who focuses much of his personal time on the continuum of issues that revolve around urban economic development, regional transportation, environmental quality, and local public health. In Somerville MA, he has been an advocate for dense transit-oriented development and a leader in successful campaigns for a new Orange Line subway stop and dense mixed use development at Assembly Square as well as two new Green Line light rail branches.  Wig is currently Chair of Somerville’s Union Square Civic Advisory Committee.  Regionally, Wig has been a longtime member of the MBTA Rider Oversight Committee and the Logan Airport Citizens Advisory Committee.

Terry Yin (Chinatown Resident Association)

terryTerry currently directs the Chinatown Resident Association, which played a central role in recruitment in the Chinatown and Malden neighborhoods for this study.  Their network of block captains and large base of supporters among the residents played a critical role in assuring that recruitment was successful and met CAFEH target goals.  His role with CAFEH is to build strong relationships between community and academic research institutions, develop cultural awareness, and organize environmental education meetings for Chinatown residents.

Barry Keppard (Metropolitan Area Planning Council)

Barry Keppard is currently the Manager of the Public Health Division at the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC). Barry supervises and provides technical assistance on MAPC’s chronic disease prevention and community wellness projects, including the Community Transformation Grant for Middlesex County. Previously, he was a Senior Regional Planner with MAPC and lead work for the implementation of the MetroFuture Plan through a combination of public health, land use, environmental, and transportation planning projects.

Paul Shoemaker (Boston Public Health Commission)

Paul Shoemaker received an MPH from George Washington University, an MBA from Boston University, and is the Associate Director of the Boston Public Health Commission’s Environmental Health Division; in his 16 years with the Commission his work across multiple projects has focused on preventing environmental hazards and addressing environmental justice issues.  Projects he’s had the privilege to be involved with include the Safe Shops and Green & Clean Programs which focus on pollution prevention and worker protection in nail salons and auto shops and the Clean Air Cabs initiative which has resulted in replacing many Boston cabs with hybrids that produce fewer tailpipe emissions.  Paul is a member of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s National Environmental Justice Advisory Council and a board member of the Boston community organization ESAC (

Research Collaborators and Consultants

  • David Arond, MD (Tufts)
  • Steve Cohen (Tufts)
  • Madeleine Kangsen Scammell (BU)
  • Chuck Kolb (Aerodyne)
  • Bart Laws (Brown)
  • Jonathan Levy (BU)
  • Cheri Lieberman (Cornerstone Consulting Group)
  • Mkaya Mwamburi, MD (Tufts)
  • Ron Parambi (MGH)
  • Paul Ridker (Brigham and Women’s Hospital)
  • Christine Rioux (Tufts)
  • Jack Spengler (Harvard)
  • Mark Woodin (Tufts)

Field Staff

  • Vladimir Albin Jr.
  • Marjorie Alexandre
  • Robert Baptiste
  • Jozy Cantave
  • Maria Crespo
  • Quynh Dam
  • Mario Davila
  • Nancy Figueroa
  • Christus Georges
  • Doreen Jenkins
  • Kim-Lien Le
  • Reva Levin
  • Michele Liang
  • Marie Manis
  • Lisa Ng
  • Joseph Penella
  • Consuelo J. Perez
  • Maximo Quevas
  • Carmen Rodriguez
  • Stephanie Saintil
  • Alexis Soto
  • Helene Sroat
  • Kevin E. Stone
  • Migdalia Tracy
  • Janet Vo
  • Tina Wang
  • Lin Yian

Clinic Staff

  • Barbara Anderson
  • Beverly Ashcroft
  • Paula Dabenigno
  • Marie Echevarria
  • Catherine Murphy
  • Betsey Rodman
  • Nida Tam
  • Maria Tamagna

Graduate Students/Post Doc

  • Christine Ash (Tufts)
  • Elizabeth Baker (Harvard)
  • Christina H. Fuller (Harvard/Georgia State)
  • Nira Hadar (Tufts)
  • Kyle Hoesterey (Tufts)
  • Allison Patton(Tufts )
  • Luz Padro-Martinez (Tufts)
  • Jess Perkins (Tufts)
  • Matt Simon (Tufts)
  • Jeff Trull (Tufts)
  • Erica Walker (Tufts/Harvard)
  • David Weiss (Tufts)
  • John Wu (Harvard)
  • Shengwei Zhu (Harvard)
  • Laura Corlin (Tufts)

Student Interns

Sunetra Bane, Alex Bob, Jessica Bocca, Oliver-John Bright, Erika Brown, Sophia Burks, Heejin Choi, Brianna Cilley, Caitlin Collins, Jozy Contave, Brianna Dayer, Patricia Dao-Tran, Marie Delnord, Fish, Darrel Gachette, Rachel Ganz, Nina Grossman, Dana Harada, Sherry Hou, Lindsay Kephart, Piers MacNaughton, Maris Mann-Stadt, Andrea Steward, Aaron Marden, Chad Milando, Jose Mira, Reed Morgan, Sarah Moy, Christine Papastamelos, Jessica Pogachar, Amanda Rizzo, Haley Schwartz, Asi Somburu, Katherine Thayer, Ashley Tran, Yuki Ueda, Sara Val Diez, Aliza Wasserman, Samantha Weaver, Eric Wilburn