CAFEH Newsletters



CAFEH Spring 2014 Newsletter– The Spring 2014 Newsletter features the research of Allison Patton and Kevin Lane as well as an update on the Kresge-Funded project. The articles included in the Newsletter are: Modeling Ultrafine Particles: A Thesis by Allison Patton and Time Activity Patterns of Pollution Exposure Associated with Cardiovascular Risk by Kevin Lane.

CAFEH Spring 2013 Newsletter– Spring 2013 Newsletter contains the three following fact sheets : Pilot Study Suggests a Role for an Inflammatory Molecule Rarely Studied in Air Pollution Research; Inndoor and Outdoor Measurements of Particle Number Concentration in Near-Highway Homes; and Mobile Monitoring of Particle Number Concentration and Other Traffic-Related Air Pollutants in a Near-Highway Neighborhood Over the Course of a Year.

CAFEH Spring/Summer 2012 Newsletter – Spring/Summer 2012 CAFEH Newsletter contains three fact sheets that translated three published academic papers into non-technical summaries. The topics are: Ultrafine particle concentration during a day in Somerville; traffic exposure and cardiovascular health in Puerto Rican Participants; and Traffic exposure of Puerto Rican participants who use insulin injections or take oral diabetes medication, and the effects on their level of C-reactive protein.

CAFEH Fall 2011 Newsletter – The Fall 2011 CAFEH Newsletter introduces a couple of Chinatown surveyors. Articles written by CAFEH team members discuss topics related to monitoring ultra-fine particles in Somerville, MA, particle concentrations in East Somerville, MA, and preliminary findings related to the Clean Air Project (CAP).

CAFEH Spring 2011 Newsletter – The Spring 2011 CAFEH Newsletter introduces a few community outreach workers stationed in Somerville and Dorchester, MA. The newsletter features articles about community outreach, the mobile lab unit, preliminary fixed site data, and information and resources to reduce pollution.