CAFEH Student Theses and Dissertations



Analysis of Airborne Particulate Matter Concentrations During Rainstorms in Boston, Massachusetts – Andrew D. Shapero, School of Engineering

Covariates for an in-home High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance filtration intervention in a Puerto Rican population in the Boston area – Megan M. Byrne,

Optimizing the Wind Variable Formulation in a Multiple Linear Regression Model of Particle Number Concentration – Caitlin Collins, School of Engineering

Reasons for the Low Asthma Prevalence among Adult Chinese Immigrants in Boston – Laura Corlin, School of Arts and Sciences

Seasonal variation of emission factors for ultrafine particles from on-highway vehicles – Chad Milando- School of Engineering

Vertical Distribution of Particulate Matter in a Near-highway Urban Area – Piers Iain Ivo Octa MacNaughto, School of Engineering


Spatial and temporal variations in ultrafine particulate matter and other air pollutants throughout the morning near a major highway – Christine Ash, School of Engineering

Impact of atmospheric mixing conditions on air-pollutant gradients near a highway in the early morning – Jeff Trull, School of Engineering

Characterization of Spatial and Temporal Variation of Ultrafine Particles in a Highway Tunnel – Jessica Perkins, School of Engineering

Cardiovascular and Cognitive Health Effects Associated with Ultrafine Particulate Matter Exposure among Adults in the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study – Laura Corlin, School of Engineering


Developing Time-Resolved Models for Predicting Atmospheric Concentrations of Ultrafine Particles in Near-Highway Urban Neighborhoods – Allison Patton, School of Engineering

The community assessment of freeway exposure and health study: modeling personal exposures to ultrafine particles and effects on biomarkers of cardiovascular health – Kevin Lane, Boston University

The Effect of Meteorological and Air Pollution Exposures on Health Outcomes – Nira Hadar, Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences



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