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CALI/FALI papers 1988-present

(Original research papers only)

1988-1991 (2)

1. Jay DG. Selective destruction of protein function by chromophore-assisted laser inactivation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1988 Aug;85(15):5454-8.

2. Jay DG, Keshishian H. Laser inactivation of fasciclin I disrupts axon adhesion of grasshopper pioneer neurons. Nature. 1990 Dec 6;348(6301):548-50.

1992-1995 (7)

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1996-1999 (12)

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2000-2003 (18)

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2004-2007 (15)

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2008-2011 (26)

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2012-2015 (6 and counting)

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