This website contains more than 120 reports, publications and training materials produced, commissioned or supported by the Community-based Animal Health and Participatory Epidemiology Project (2000 to August 2004) and the Institutional and Policy Support Team of AU/IBAR (from August 2004 to March 2005). The materials focus on policy and institutional change in the Horn of Africa region, but also include Africa-wide and global initiatives associated with CAPE and the IPST.

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Other resources

  • Pastoral Visions – pastoralists in the Karamojong Cluster describe their lives in words and pictures
  • Les services communautaires de santé animale: un guide pratique pour l’amélioration des services vétérinaire de base
  • Videos and DVD on community-based animal health for policy makers and practitioners
  • BBC World Service Radio progamme: Community-based Animal Health in Turkana, Kenya