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Mandatory Rear-View Cameras?

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The federal government proposed that rear-view, or backup cameras, should be installed on all models of cars by late 2014. The government wants this mandatory addition to be made on all cars because the majority of people injured or killed in backup-related accident are infants, and there is nothing more tragic than the death of a child, especially if the tragedy can be stopped by something as simple as a rear-view camera. The proposed additions add about 400$ to the price of a car, which is a small price to pay to avoid fatalities and accidents. The proposed plan would require automakers to start making these changes in 2012, with all cars equipped by the end of the year in 2014.

I think that this proposal is an excellent step towards reducing the amount of fender-benders and injuries that result because of blind spots while backing up. It can be difficult to see everything behind the car while in reverse, and this camera makes it simple to reverse in any situation. This particular feature is helpful to everyone on the road, because instead of having to turn around in the driver’s seat, look in the mirrors, or utilize someone outside of the car for help, the driver can merely turn on the reverse camera and have a view similar to that out the front windshield. I do agree that this addition to cars is beneficial to almost all drivers, but the influx of technology that can do things for the driver should be a cause of concern for people on the road today.

An example of driver’s dependency on these newfangled features occurs in the article, when James Bell said that after operating a car in reverse with a backup camera, driving a car without one is almost impossible. This statement serves to prove my point: if people are so dependent on the features of automobiles that make the trip easier, what if they have to drive a car without them? New safety features on automobiles allow drivers to care less about the fact that they are operating a two-ton killing machine and lull drivers into a false sense of security. The most important part of driving a car is to be alert and aware of the surroundings at all time, because when traveling at high speeds even small disturbances have the potential to turn into fatal accidents. I do not condone all new safety features on cars, but I do think that the modernization of the automobile has created a car culture of people who rely too much on their cars to do the driving for them (i.e. cars that can parallel park themselves), which in turn creates a driving situation with motorists that do not show enough respect and fear for the machines that they operate on a daily basis.,0,5263647.story

Jake Caveny

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