Co-teaching Reading Schedule

Wednesday, April 18

Teachers: Delaney and Lindsay

Assignment: Watch the first 35 minutes of Miss Representation and read Geena Davis on Sexism in TV and Movies _ Time

Monday, April 23

Teachers: Anna, Rhys, and Caroline

Assignment: Read Is Sexual Consent Simply a College Issue_ – The Atlantic and listen to “Act 1: Some Like it Not” from This American Life

Wednesday, April 25

Teachers: Margot and Patricia

Assignment: Watch The Hunting Ground (available for streaming on Trunk) and read Abolish Fraternities _ Tufts Observer

DISCUSSION: “Cat Person” by Kristen Roupenian; “People Are Slut-Shaming the Protagonist of “Cat Person” & It Proves a Disappointing Point” by Lucia Peters; “Aziz Ansari, Cat Person, and the #MeToo Backlash” by Anna Silman

Think about “Cat Person” in relation to any of the other readings or viewings we have done so far this semester. How is it presenting similar ideas? What new conversations is it raising? How does the short story form allow the author to explore these ideas differently than might be done in a traditional, expository format?