Becoming a CBI member is easy

Just send a mail including your affiliations to Gavin Schnitzler.

  • Membership, minimally, ensures you have access to the CBI forums.
  • It will also add you to the low-traffic CBI announcements e-mail list. If you’d rather not be added to the list, please let me know in your e-mail.
  •  You may also choose to have your name included on the list of members on the About Us tab. This is not required, but I’d encourage you to do so, because it will help other researchers know about what you are doing, and facilitate collaborations. If you choose to be included, please also send the following information:
    • A URL (if you have one) where people can learn about your research and through which they can contact you.
    • Alternatively, if there’s no good web site, let me know if I can make a button linking to your e-mail address (the actual address will be hidden unless someone clicks to contact you).
    • Your degrees, current laboratory and position, and/or current appointment(s).
    • A brief, one or two sentence, summary of the bioinformatic/genomic techniques you (or your lab, if you are the PI) have experience with, as well as techniques you are learning or wish to learn. An example might be “Experience in: expression microarray analysis using GCRMA in R, Exploring: RNA-seq”. In addition, if you want, you may describe your experience or project needs in more detail – and I will link a new page with this information to your name.

The CBI Forums

You can ask for help or post suggestions on the CBI Discussion Board (link opens in new tab). To access the forums, you will need your Tufts UTLN and password, or to be a CBI member. If you don’t work directly at Tufts of Tufts Medical School, and don’t have a UTLN, write to Gavin, and he can set you up with forum access.

Help improve this site!

If something is broken or garbled, or you want to update your information on the About Us page, send an e-mail to Gavin Schnitzler.

If there’s new content you’d like to see on the site, discuss it in forums, or e-mail Gavin. If there’s something that you have experience with that you’d like to see added, please consider helping to update the site! Adding things is pretty easy, and I can provide info about how to get started.

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