Microbiome Symposium, May 16, 1-5pm


Software Carpentry Boot Camp to be held on June 3-4, 2013

The goal is to help scientists and engineers become more productive by teaching them basic computing skills like program design, version control, testing, and task automation. In this two-day boot camp, short tutorials will alternate with hands-on practical exercises.

Short courses in bioinformatics and genomics January and February 2013

RNA-Seq (Ainsley, Iyer)
To help the Tufts community take advantage of the data available with
next generation sequencing techniques, this course will teach the basics of obtaining and
analyzing RNA-Seq data.

ChIP-seq methods and analysis (Schnitzler)
In this one week course, students will learn how to design a ChIP-seq experiment and prepare samples for sequencing, and how to analyze and interpret the sequencing results.

Genetic Association Studies (Paulus, Castaldi)
This course will introduce learners to the background concepts necessary to conduct and interpret genetic association studies and GWAS.

Overview of Web-Accessible Genomics Databases (Iyer)
This World Tour of Genomics Tools and Resources will introduce the researcher to the
vast array of resources that are available to carry out the routine to complicated genomic

Analysis of Gene Expression Arrays (Logvinenko)

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