How do I become a CBI member?

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How to use the Tufts University UNIX cluster for your research

Tufts computing cluster accounts and bioinformatic tools

Accessing Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) to explore functions of regulated gene sets

Getting your own IPA account through the Tufts & TMC site license

Using R for data analysis

Using the R statistical package

Powerful genomics browsing and analysis tools on the web

Genomics web resources


How do I find someone who can help with my specific research challenges?

Check out CBI Members’ Profiles on the bottom of this About Us page, and contact the member with the expertise you need. We’re always happy to give pointers, and are also open to potential collaborations.      Back to the CBI About Us page

For next generation sequencing studies, there is a vibrant on line community, with help forums and other resources at


CBI’s short courses in bioinformatics and genomics

launched January and February 2013

Overview of Web-Accessible Genomics Databases (Iyer)
This World Tour of Genomics Tools and Resources will introduce the researcher to the vast array of resources that are available to carry out the routine to complicated genomic analysis.

Analysis of Gene Expression Arrays (Logvinenko)
This course will teach students how to use R to analyze expression microarray data from common Affymetrix and Illumina platforms.

RNA-Seq (Ainsley, Iyer)
To help the Tufts community take advantage of the data available with
next generation sequencing techniques, this course will teach the basics of obtaining and analyzing RNA-Seq data.

ChIP-seq methods and analysis (Schnitzler)
In this one week course, students will learn how to design a ChIP-seq experiment and prepare samples for sequencing, and how to analyze and interpret the sequencing results.

Genetic Association Studies (Paulus, Castaldi)
This course will introduce learners to the background concepts necessary to conduct and interpret genetic association studies and GWAS.

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