Videos of RNASeq symposium held on Nov-6-2012 have been added

Learn about genomics and computational biology resources in the Tufts community


UIT Research Computing Resources (
Information about:

  • High-performance computing research cluster
  • Bioinformatics server
  • Research Storage
  • Visualization Center
  • GIS Center

Tufts University Core Facility (
The Tufts University Core Facility provides an extensive array of services to support the
researchers at Tufts University as well as outside investigators. The facility’s staff has years of
proven technical proficiency and experience with high throughput characterization, purification
and laboratory automation.

Support Letter for Grant Proposals  CBI will provide letters of collaborations and consultation support in experimental design, analysis and using Tufts Computational Resources to Tufts and TMC researchers.

Need for find an expert to collaborate?  Use the Tufts Profiles from Tufts CTSI


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