Videos Recording of Transcriptomics Symposium

Video Recordings of the talks presented in the half-day symposium “NEXT GENERATION SEQUENCING: APPLICATIONS FOR TRANSCRIPTOME STUDIES” held on November 6, 8:30AM  – 1:00PM, at Rachel’s Amphitheater, School of Dental Medicine, Room 1414  by the Tufts Computational Biology Initiative (CBI)

Opening Remarks – Lax Iyer, Tufts

Challenges and Advances in Analysis of RNA-Seq – Mike Zody, Broad Institute

Computational Methods for Transcriptome Annotation and Quantification Using RNA-seq – Cole Trapnell, Broad Institute

Tn-seq: Fitness and Genetic Interaction Studies in Microorganisms – Andy Camilli, Tufts

What If We Do it This Way? — Getting the Most out of our RNA-Seq Experiments – George Bell, Whitehead Institute

Almost Non-overlapping Gene Sets Regulated by Estrogen in Mouse Aorta Versus Liver – Gavin Schnitzler, Tufts

Dendritic mRNA identification by sequencing ribosome-bound mRNAs – Josh Ainsley, Tufts

Translational Profiling of Drosophila Clock Cells – Yanmei Hunag, Tufts

Tufts Genomics Core Facility – Albert Tai, Tufts

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