Lynn Cooper ’02 — Catholic Chaplain

Since August, 2007, Lynn has been working as a campus minister at St. John’s Preparatory School in Danvers, MA. Lynn majored in Comparative Religion and English as an undergraduate at Tufts and she played on the Tufts Women’s Soccer Team.

After graduation she moved to Maine to read books and pursue some of her personal writing. She returned to Boston a year later to attend Harvard Divinity School. In the Master of Divinity Program she pursued her interests in academics and in ministry. She focused her study on religion, gender and culture and wrote her thesis on the rhetorical use of Catholic language and symbol by 19th Century American anarchist women.

Over the course of four years, Lynn worked in several different pastoral settings. In her first year of Divinity School, she worked as youth director at a parish on the North Shore. She decided to take a year off in between her second and third years, and during this time she did research on social justice education for Campus Compact, a non-profit at Tufts.

During the 2006-2007 academic year, Lynn returned to Tufts as a Chaplaincy Intern, working at the intersection of religion, faith and activism. Lynn is the youngest of five, an aunt to six, and the proud daughter of two really cool parents. In addition to family and friends, Lynn loves local industry, public radio and commuting by bike.

Lynn says:

“As I encourage students to voice their needs and challenges, I commit to doing my best to adjust accordingly. There are many ways of being religious. And I think there are just as many ways of being Catholic. It is my hope to empower students as agents in their search for meaning, their faith/spiritual development and that in broadening the diversity of conversation, we may get at the heart of the particular. And this, I think, is central to it all – central to inspiriting the Catholic community, central to encouraging religious tolerance, and central to cultivating a healthy multi-faith landscape at Tufts.”