Current State of Research


Review of books, and other types of review Articles
in some major journals in a discipline
summarize current state of research on a topic


1. Use keywords such as “review“, “current research“, “current trends” and search in art and art history, and other related journals. For example:

Art Bulletin (1995-present) Art Bulletin (1919-2008)
Art History (extensive scholarly book reviews)

2. Example of Review of books:

Langa, Helen. “Review: Recent Feminist Art History: An American Sampler.” Feminist Studies 30: 3 (2004), 705-730.

Recently Published Reviews (the College Art Association)

3. Examples of review articles:

Westermann, Mariët. “After Iconography and Iconoclasm: Current Research in Netherlandish Art, 1566-1700.” The Art Bulletin 84: 2 (2002), 351-372.

Spector, Jack. “The State of Psychoanalytic Research in Art HistoryArt Bulletin 70: 1 (1988), 47-76.

Gouma-Peterson, Thalia; Mathews, Patricia. “The Feminist Critique of Art HistoryArt Bulletin 69: 3 (1987), 326-357.

** Annual Reviews (Sciences and Social Sciences)

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