Lecturer: Maura Allard

November 18th, 2010BostonHealthEquity2


Location Sackler 221

Free food!

Come see Tufts MPH Alum Maura Allard speak about the exciting work she is doing with her degree right here in Boston at the Public Health Commission (BPHC). The lecture will be especially relevant to students, Maura will speak about the Health Equity
Campaign itself as well as how her time at Tufts has contributed to her current work. More on the BPHC and Campaign below, hope to see you there!

The Center for Health Equity and Social Justice has launched a public awareness campaign designed to get Boston residents to think about the factors that shape the City’s health. Where we live, work, and play has a lot to do with how healthy we are, and the health status of residents who live just a few miles apart can vary widely. The campaign features the zip codes of 15 Boston neighborhoods and directs viewers to an interactive website, What’s Your Health Code? to better understand how where we live can affect how well – or even how long we live. The campaign can be seen on billboards, at MBTA stations, and in a TV commercial during the months of September and October. The website includes a link to resources where residents can get involved with local organizations working to achieve health equity. Together as a city, we can work towards change.