User Interface: Steam

Steam is a gaming application produced by Valve that allows you to download and play computer games on your computer. Once you download the steam client, you can shop in a game store and purchase and download games. You can also play any game that is locate don your computer.

Steam primarily uses horizontal menus and tabs for its navigation. At the top of the overall steam program, are the tabs Store, Library, News and Community. This is a basic yet useful interface as within one click you can determine what the purpose of using steam at that moment is, and only receive the relevant information. If you select the store tab, the steam store will open in the window. In the store you can browse for games through either game headlines, top downloads, new releases, special deals and coming soon.

On the Library tab, steam shows you a list of all the games that you currently have on your computer. When you click on a game form a list, the left side of the scree will give you statistics on the game. This is a useful interface as every game you have shows up in a way that is easy to navigate.

Overall Steam is a very simple interface to use. It conveys its purpose in providing you access to games, and it allows you to play them at will. As for how it relates to my site, it shows that simplicity can be key in designing something.

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