gunther Name: Leon Gunther
E-mail: Leon.Gunther @
Office, Ext:  357 Robinson Hall, 7-5361
Degrees: BS in Physics CCNY 1960
PhD MIT 1964
Expertise: Professor of Physics; on the faculty of Tufts University since 1965.
Awards & Honors: NSF Predoctoral Fellow, 1960-62
NATO Postdoctoral Fellow, 1966-67
Scholarship & Research: Research in Condensed Matter Theory has covered many areas, such as off-diagonal long-range order in low dimensional systems, superconductivity, magnetism, phase transitions, Mossbauer Effect [alloys, Brownian particles, & ferritin], equilibrium properties exhibited by a pure harmonic lattice, liquid crystals, diffusion in solids via vacancies, solitons, and most recently, quantum tunneling of magnetization. (QTM).Co-Editor of the Proceedings of the NATO Workshop on QTM – 1994, Chichilianne, France.
Current CV: Gunther, Vita July 2012
Musical Activities: -Founder and Director of the chorus of Temple Emunah (Lexington) – the “Mak’haylah”
-Principle Second Violinist of the Newton Symphony from 1974 to 1984.
Book Info: The Physics of Music and Color