Prof. Fiorenzo Omenetto

Traditionally optics has provided one of the most versatile investigative and diagnostic tools for the Sciences.

The combined use of nonlinear optics, ultrafast laser pulse control and appropriately designed (micro and nano) structured materials provides a rich field of research and offers unprecedented power for physical observation and offers opportunity for technological advances and new diagnostic approaches.

Our researchmakes use of ultrafast laser sources and devices that manipulate femtosecond laser pulses to precisely control nonlinear optical processes either directly or through feedback control. We are particularly interested in engineered optical materials (such as photonic crystals and photonic crystal fibers) and novel organic optical materials for photonics.

We aim to use these tools for research in the physical and biomedical sciences. The research context is necessarily interdisciplinary and establishes natural links among multiple and diverse fields (such as Physics, Engineering, Biology, Medicine, Material Sciences and Chemistry).

As a consequence, we will engage in collaborations across departments (and continue our joint projects outside Tufts) to develop ways to approach a problem from multiple vantage points. We especially would like for our students to actively seek these connections and embrace different perspectives for problem solving.

We will also try, as much as possible, to encourage an opportunistic environment for research rather than a deterministic one. Our goal is provide an enviroment that will foster the individual’s scientific curiosity and creativity no matter how fundamental or applied it may turn out to be.

Selected Publications:

“High nonlinearity photonic crystal nanowires,” Natalie Wolchover, F. Luan, A. K. George, J. C. Knight and F. G. Omenetto, Optics Express, 15 (3), 829, (2007)

“Spectrally smooth supercontinuum from 350 nm to 3 μm in sub-centimeter lengths of soft-glass photonic crystal fibers”, F. G. Omenetto, N. A. Wolchover, M. R. Wehner, M. Ross, A. Efimov, A. J. Taylor, V. V. R. K. Kumar, A. K. George, J. C. Knight, N. Y. Joly, and P. St. J. Russell, Optics Express, Vol. 14, Issue 11, pp. 4928-4934 (2006)- featured in OPTICS IN 2006

“Interaction of an optical soliton with a dispersive wave,” A. Efimov, A.V. Yulin, D.V. Skryabin, J.C. Knight, N. Joly, F.G. Omenetto, A.J. Taylor, P. Russell,   Phys. Rev. Letters, 95, 213902 (2005)