Some Helpful Materials – Mike Shah

Links for reseting your password, and ssh’ing from home:

Reseting Your Passwords
For Unix Password resets, send an e-mail to explaining that your Unix account/password is inactive or not working.
For resetting Windows passwords visit or walk into Eaton Hall to have your password reset.

Parking at Tufts
-You may park on the street of Boston Avenue for free if you have a Medford sticker.
-You may also park in the Dowling Parking Garage for $5.

Computer Labs
- You are encouraged to work at the Anderson Hall computer laboratory.
-There is another computer lab at Eaton Hall that has Windows computers you can work from (I believe they have tools you can ssh into)

-You can work at Halligan Hall although because of the construction this is discouraged.  My office is located here(In the extension office#002c), feel free to stop by.

- Mike Shah


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