C++ Exercises Review

Review Questions – C++

1. What do you understand by a declaration, a definition, and an instantiation?

2. What are the four basic member functions of a C++ class that are defined by the compiler by default?

3. What does the default constructor do (when you don’t write one)? When would you need to redefine a constructor for a class?

4. What are the scenarios when a copy constructor is invoked?

5. How do you decide whether to pass an argument by a pointer or a reference?

6. When you are implementing an operator overloading, how do you decide whether you want it to be a member function or a non-member function?

7. Could you point out a flaw in the following class declaration?

class A {
    void erase() { delete this; }
    int data;

8. Discuss the different usages of const keyword in C++.

9. Why do you need the following wrapper around a class declaration in the header file?

#ifndef BLAHBLAH_H
#define BLAHBLAH_H
class ...

10. When do you need to implement a destructor?