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The world of C++

Download article as PDF [PDF Copy] Defining and using a class Header: // A.h #ifndef A_HEADER #define A_HEADER class A { public: // Exposed member functions or Methods void foo1(); // Declaration // Inlined function: foo2 void foo2() { … … Continue reading

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Pointers and Arrays

Download article as PDF Pointers to values // value (of type int) stored in a memory location int value;     // avalue: pointer to a value of type int // avalue: address of a memory location containing a value of … Continue reading

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Office hours

Download article as PDF Mike’s office hours: (Please e-mail me if you plan on attending) Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-10am or by appointment. Location: Halligan Hall in the extension(office# 002C).

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Some Helpful Materials – Mike Shah

Download article as PDF Links for reseting your password, and ssh’ing from home: Reseting Your Passwords For Unix Password resets, send an e-mail to explaining that your Unix account/password is inactive or not working. For resetting Windows passwords … Continue reading

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Download article as PDF Instructor: Partha Biswas (partha DOT biswas AT Teaching assistant: Michael Shah (Michael DOT Shah AT Description and Objective: This course is intended as an introduction to data structures, algorithms, and more advanced programming techniques. … Continue reading

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Quick Emacs Reference

Download article as PDF M = Alt or Esc key C = Control key The usage of – in the command description implies combination. E.g. M C-s means pressing Esc once followed by pressing Control and s together. For Meta-key-based … Continue reading

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