Time: Mon and Wed, 7pm-9pm;

Venue: Anderson Hall 208 (Classes); Anderson Hall 318 (Lab)

Note: The following schedule is tentative and can be subject to change depending on specific circumstances.

Date Topic Lab
May 22 (Wed) Introduction to Data Structures, part 1
May 29 (Wed) Introduction to Data Structures, part 2;The world of C++, part 1 Lab 0
Jun 3 (Mon) The world of C++, part 2;Abstract Data Types (Design methodologies)
Jun 5 (Wed) The world of C++, part 3 Lab 1
Jun 10 (Mon) Linked Lists, part 1
Jun 12 (Wed) Linked Lists, part 2 (Homework 1 due) Lab 2
Jun 17 (Mon) Stacks, Queues, Recursions
Jun 19 (Wed) Recursions; Introduction to Sorting
Jun 24 (Mon) Sorting (Exchange sort, Insertion sort, Selection sort); Complexity of Algorithms
Jun 26 (Wed) Complexity Analysis (Homework 2 due) Lab 3
Jul 1 (Mon) Binary Search Trees
Jul 3 (Wed) Midterm Review
Jul 8 (Mon) Midterm exam
Jul 10 (Wed) Splay trees Lab 4
Jul 15 (Mon) Merge Sort and Quick Sort; File I/O; C++ exception handling (Homework 3 due)
Jul 17 (Wed) Heap Sort Lab 5
Jul 22 (Mon) Graphs – I
Jul 24 (Wed) Graphs – II
Lab 6
Jul 29 (Mon) Hashing, Algorithm Design (Homework 4 due)
Jul 31 (Wed) STL, C++ Templates Lab 7
Aug 5 (Mon) Final Review
Aug 7 (Wed) Final exam (Homework 5 due)


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