In the past 30 years, computer science has rapidly proven itself to be an integral part of virtually all industries. This rapid expansion started its reach first into personal computing in the 80s with the introduction of personal computers (i.e. Mac), and then in the mid 90s with growth of the Internet. However, until recently, the average Internet consumer used the internet mainly for email, shopping, and quick information look-up. Slowly, Internet technologies matured and advanced to provide the consumer with more than just these services. Social networks like MySpace and Facebook provided easy and instantaneous methods of sharing information and experiences from any place, at any time. More and more technologies were now based on remote services – i.e. client-to-server interactions. Inevitably, the cloud rose from the primordial ooze of the Internet.

The cloud is on the frontier of the development of the computing industry. The idea of the cloud is no longer one exclusive to those in the industry, but is reaching more and more into the public awareness. How will it impact society, consumers, businesses, and daily life remains to be seen and thus makes it a very interesting and exciting area to study.


  • Jason Cheng – Team Lead
  • Tony Lin – CM Manager
  • Jonathan Wooldridge – Documentation Manager
  • Rafi Yagudin – Website Manager