Cloud Computing


A.What is the cloud?
B.Motivation for study
C.Outline of paper

A.When did this idea come about and how (A brief history) – (To do in the end)

  • Comparison with the beginning of the internet

B.Implications in the software world (Rafi)

  • Large-scale shared computing
  • Mobile communication
  • Research (bio – use AIDS enzyme game as an example?)
  • Torrents (?)
  • Consumer Services
  • Amazon, Apple, Google, CISCO, EMC


1.Economics (Jon is the most interesting man in the world, and he also fought a bear once)

  • What does it take for an established company to build cloud based services vs. a brand new company?
  • Is it expensive (hardware vs software)?
  • Pricing of cloud based services

2.Software development (Tony Lin + Jon)

  • Similar or dissimilar to conventional software dev?

3.Integration into current services (Jason + Rafi)

  • Dealing with existing Network Protocol
  • Compatibility

4.Testing (Jason is maybe something, I don’t know him that well.)

  • Differences from conventional software testing
  • Dependability
  • How does this apply to the live environment? Is it different than the test environments?

5.Security (Tony has some descriptor associated with him)

  • Virtualization of individual machines
  • Encryption issues

E. Architecture of the Cloud

  • High-level / conceptual blueprint of the cloud

D. Relation between Agile Software Development and Cloud Computing*

F. Test Driven Development and its relation to the Cloud (if there is one)



V.Appendices as necessary

*We believe that Agile Software & Test Driven Development are mutually exclusive and that they may not be applicable to cloud based services